Does this blog make me look fat?

This morning there was another post on my blog about an incident that occurred last week.  At the advisement of my lawyer (or an old high school friend from Colorado that is not at all involved in the legal field) I have removed it from my blog.

It was a good one too.  I guess the early bird gets the worm.  And the rest of you get this.

So, all of this had me thinking.  What is too much to disclose on a blog?

Blogging is different than writing a book or writing for a magazine or advertisement agency, because inspiration comes from your own life and posts are generally not fiction.  The boring things that happen in life make for a really boring blog.  And those blogs are definitely out there.  Believe me.  I’ve read them. *Shudder*

But the best posts and the best blogs are usually the ones that make you think, “Should I really post this?” right before you click “publish.”  It’s an inner struggle between being real and relating to your readers and revealing too much and inviting an onslaught of judgement.  Going along with the title of this post, every post is like a new outfit.  Some of them fit really well, and some of them leave you wondering if they make you look fat.

The good thing about actually clicking “publish” is that more often than not, you realize that you’re not alone.  You realize that there is actually a whole group of people out in the world that is feeling exactly how you feel or going through exactly what you’re going through.  And they generally leave nice comments thanking you for making them realize they aren’t crazy.  (Even though I never said that.  They could very well be crazy.)

Yes, you invite judgement into you life, but honestly, judgey people are everywhere, right?  And they usually aren’t quiet in real life, so why would they silence themselves in the blogosphere?  And you do invite people to take a glimpse into your life as they would never have seen before,  and some people don’t like what they see (or hear.)  But that’s okay.  I’m sure Snooki’s mom was pretty shocked when she watched the first season of Jersey Shore… or not.

This is my life and no one is forced to read my blog… well, unless their being held hostage somewhere with their hands duct taped behind their backs and toothpicks holding their eyes open and a laptop on their lap opened to my blog.  Then I guess they would have to read it.  But the rest of you are reading out of your own free will.

So, I guess that brings me back to my original question… what’s too much?  Revealing your kids true identities?  Discussing your marriage and maybe the problems that come with it?  Writing about personal tragedy?  Financial woes?  Imminent foreclosures?

I don’t know.  I guess every blogger has to decide for herself.  For me, I’ll just do the best I can… and hopefully not get into any legal trouble along the way!


7 responses

  1. Ha when you find an answer to that question, let me know. I’m always getting in trouble for revealing too much. But, I think like you said it has more to do with the nature of the blogger herself. No one HAS to read it.

  2. I think your blog is quite slimming.

    And my legal team advised me a few years ago that I shouldn’t post about my son and his digestion issues. Because when he’s president one day, some jerkwad paparazzi will Google him and learn all about his diarrhea.

  3. It feels so good to put yourself out there sometimes…. Warts and all. When you write about something you’re embarrassed or feel weird about it gives the power back to you. And makes you feel validated when other people are like “yeah, I’ve totally been there” so yeah, I’ve totally been there and you rock girlie!

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