8 Months Little

I get ill at the thought that my littlest little, my final hurrah, my last baby, is going to be 1 year old in a measly 4 months.  With all the complaining I do about always having little rugrats around cramping my style you would think just the opposite… that I would give a silent cheer for every month that ticked by.  But here’s a little insight for you… as much as I complain, I secretly love it.

Shocking, I know.  I’m a real mom.

So, Baby Elijah is 8 months old today!  And, yes, I will still be calling him “Baby Elijah” at his high school graduation.  As I have done every month up until now, here are the highlights from the last month and milestones that he’s reached.

He’s still an amazing sitter.  A-MAZ-ING!  He’s perfected his sitting technique and is ready to join the baby sitting Olympic team.  But there is no crawling yet.  I’m not complaining, because I know with mobility comes headaches, but it is exciting when they first start to crawl.  His favorite mode of transportation right now is the “roll around.”  He loves rolling.  I’m scouting out some good hills to put him on so he can start rolling down them.  Just kidding.  I would never.

He’s also able to stand holding on to things.  He’s not so good at pulling himself up.  But if we give him a little nudge, he’ll stand around for awhile.  See?


He got his second tooth this month.  And one of his top teeth is gonna pop out any day now!

As far as food goes, he still stays away from anything green.  He loves Trader Joe’s yogurt, puffs, and Elmo crackers.  His favorite, favorite, favorite food is the apple carrot fruit crusher packet from Trader Joe’s.  He sucks those things down in 10 seconds flat.  No lie.  He actually loves all the fruit crushers from TJ’s.  I just wish they came in other combinations.  Maybe I should write them a letter.  Right after I’m done with the laundry… which is never… so nevermind.

And how could I forget… a miracle has happened here in the DeVincenzo household in the last few days.  My son, my baby, my champion, my hero, has started sleeping through the night!  Cue the confetti cannons!  Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance, I just gotta praise Him, I just gotta praise Him!  Last night I fed him when I went to bed which was midnight, which is my own issue.  Why do I stay up so darned late?  But he slept until… wait for it… wait for it… 8:30!  I actually started to get worried that he wasn’t breathing, but he was.  Praise the Lawd!

I did a little photo shoot yesterday and here’s some shots I got of my big 8 month old!

He’s checkin’ out the grass.


No thank you.


He likes to do the whole thing where he hums and flicks his lips with his hands.  Cute.


He plays peek a boo.


He blows kisses… or spits.  It depends on who you ask.


And he talks… my God this child talks.  That’s how you know he’s tired.  He’ll be babbling and chatting away and then all of sudden silence.  He’s crashed out!  Here he is saying, “Thanks for reading my mommy’s blog.  Go tell someone else to come and read it too.  Thanks!”


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2 responses

  1. These are my favorite blogs… Probably cuz Im the Auntie 🙂 Love the little!!! So cute… email the picture of us? Thanks and miss you and the nuggets already! XOXO

  2. My “baby” (18 months old) is enamored with your baby. She’s standing here in a chair beside me at the kitchen table shouting “BABY! BABY!” at the top of her little lungs.

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