Sunday Shout Outs and Other Random Thoughts

I only have a couple of shout outs for you this week, and I got the second one from the first one, so does it really count?  Not sure.  But I’m too tired to figure it out.

The first one is this new time-sucking website called StumbleUpon.  You fill out the registration form and then you check off all your personal interests and you’re done!  Then you start stumbling by clicking the Stumble button.  It finds different websites that fit your interests.  Kind of cool right?  Some are better than others, but if you’re bored it’s a fun way to spend your free time… or time that could be better used by cleaning the house, interecting with your children, cooking an incredible dinner…  whatever.

I found this next one through StumbleUpon.  I’m a big believer in the 5 Love Languages.  If you’re not familiar with the concept, basically there are 5 different ways to express and receive love and everyone has one or two that is more dominant than the others.  This website is a quiz that will help you figure out what yours is.  It’s cool figuring out your own and your spouses because then you can find more meaningful ways to express your love to each other, instead of just always expressing it in your own love language, which is probably completely different than your spouses, and if I add one more comma I can make this sentence that much longer.  But the added bonus is that you can figure out your kids love languages, too, which is really neat.

And now for some random thoughts that are swirling around in my head tonight:

1.  Avocados always make my tummy hurt… which is weird.  But I can’t stop eating guacamole!  What is wrong with me???

2.  Now that our bedroom is so big, my bed feels small.  Last night I kept waking up feeling like I was going to fall off the side.

3.  I love my friends.  Like, really, really, really.  Even the ones that I hardly ever see.  Love ’em.

4.  I would love to turn this whole blogging thing into a paying gig, now that I’m unemployed for reals.  Does anyone out there know how to do that?

5.  Sometimes I completely understand the whole “Sister Wife” concept.  Except for the whole intimacy issue, I could really be down for it.  In fact, my BFF and I have decided that if both of our husbands die, we’re just going to live together with all our kids.  Is that morbid that we’ve even had that discussion?

6.  Caden starts kindergarten next Monday.  I get ill at the thought.  More to come on that at a a later date.

7.  I have a bobblehead Jesus doll on my desk, and he’s staring at me right now.  Should that “he” have started with a capital “h?”  Or not really because the bobblehead doll isn’t really the Lord?  And should that question mark next to the “h” be outside of the quotation marks?  Oh grammar, you confuse me.

8.  If you come across anything interesting this week, or write a really cool blogpost yourself, email me at erindevincenzo[at]gmail[dot]com and perhaps it will make next weeks shout outs!

Okay, that’s all… Happy Sunday!


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