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  1. We have the same argument every time we are on the freeway – why must he do all the darting and weaving? It’s a minivan, not a race car! My hubs always says he is driving cautiously because we are in the car. This is supposed to make me feel better, but all it does is make me worry every day when he is driving on his own. I want him to make it home at night!

    • Seriously! It’s a minivan, for crying outloud! But maybe that’s the source of the craziness… they have to prove to the younger guys that “they still got it.”

  2. That’s a tricky one, because in reality is he really going to change how he drives or is he just going to feel nagged to death? On the other hand, heavenly mercies, how I hate riding with scary drivers! I am a grandma behind the wheel. So here’s me being absolutely no help yet again.

  3. You are the rightest! If you don’t feel safe with his driving he should drive differently when you are in the car or surrender his keys to you.

  4. oh my goodness . . . I was reading my own thoughts and dying that we have similar car experiences!!!!!!! Sometimes I threaten or just think to myself, Fine, I will drive separately where ever we go!!!!! Never have but think about it.

    The car is the most common area in our marriage for a fight. He’s allowed to yell at another car but I am not allowed to say anything about it. It’s simple to me, he’s annoyed at a driver and gets to YELL words at the person, then I get annoyed at him and should get to voice my annoyance, fair is fair. But that, my friend, is not how men see it apparently.

    ok, here’s the advice. Have you ever tried just closing your eyes? Put on sunglasses so it’s not obvious . . . The last resort, drive separately for a few days and see if that creates change. He gets the kids, you get to drive alone. That’s my dream world scenario of course. 🙂

    One last thing, husband, if you read this, I hope you find that what I shared is just pure fact and not meant to bad talk you. 🙂 I love you and just desire us to live as long as possible. 🙂

  5. Sorry – no help here. I’m the “crazy” driver in our house. Not really weaving around crazy, but Todd says I wait till the last minute to stop and it freaks him out. In my defense I did use to race cars (but it was drag racing). Then again, when he’s driving sometimes I get a little freaked out because he turns a corner like we are on a race track. I have to tell myself that when you are the passenger, it feels WAY different than when you are driving, because when you are just a passenger you have no control. When you are driving you are in control, so it doesn’t seem as bad when you stop at the last minute or make a fast lane change. Did I even make sense?

  6. We have the same argument, even down to the ‘LA driving defense’. I have come to the conclusion that once a woman becomes a mother she becomes much more aware of her own mortality. The fact that we could actually die is terrifying because then our children would grow up without a mother. This causes us to be fearful in situations where we feel out of control, like when our husbands are driving. The only real solution is to be the driver. That’s it, problem solved, no more nagging!

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