Did you read the post I wrote last week about the ultra-lame way I found out that I don’t have a job at my school this year?  Are you sad for me?  No?  Did you read the post about my house being in foreclosure?  How about now?  Are you sympathetic yet?  Good!

Because you can help me start earning some dinero.

I know my blog is relatively small in the blogosphere at large, but its growing (almost tripling, actually!), and I’m proud of that.  It’s a marathon not sprint, people.  But for all you 130ish readers out there, I have a deal for you!

I found out about this website called Swagbucks.  Basically you sign up with some general personal information (name, city, email address, etc.) but no credit card info (nice) and you earn yourself swagbucks.  You refer some friends from facebook, you earn some more swagbucks.  You install a handy dandy toolbar, and you guessed it… more swagbucks!

You’re thinking, who cares???  Swagbucks?  Are swagbucks going to pay my mortgage?  Are swagbucks going to feed my three children that are constantly asking for snacks and get mad when you offer them lunch instead? (No!  I want a snack!)  Are swagbucks going to fund my dream vacation of a childfree week in Hawaii?  Maybe.

You see, as you start earning swagbucks, you can redeem them for several different things.  Originally I was thinking I could redeem them for different gift cards and cover my Chirstmas expenses.  But then I saw the jackpot… a Paypal gift card!  So, really, swagbucks do equal real bucks!  How cool is that?  (I’ll answer for you.  It’s super cool!)

Added bonus, you don’t just get swagbucks for referring people, you get them when they use that handy dandy toolbar they installed as their search engine.  Could this be any easier???  (The salesman-ish tone in that last sentence made me cringe.  How about you?)

So, go ahead.  Click this link and sign yourself up!

Search & Win

Ain’t no shame in my game!


4 responses

  1. Amazon GCs are cheaper than the PayPal money, and you can get tons of stuff on Amazon. That’s usually how I get my diapers – 15% off for being part of AmazonMom and 15% off with subscribe and save. Free shipping + cheap diapers = happy mama.

    If you ARE going to use your SwagBucks for PayPal money, you might want to get the PayPal debit mastercard so you have instant access to your money instead of having to wait 3 days or whatever to transfer it to your bank.

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