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  1. Love your favorites, I’ll have to try them. I’m with you Trader’s as I call it, is the best. I have many favorites one is there Brown Rice that comes in a 3 pack box in the frozen section. Three minutes in the microwave. The other are there chocolate covered frozen bananas.

  2. I’m sad. We have ONE grocery store. One. Or I can drive 15 minutes to the other grocery store, but there’s not point really, since it’s the same chain.

    There is a TJ’s about 45 minutes away in Santa Fe. When I’m feeling up for some near demolition derby-style traffic, I’ll go to SF. I rarely go to TJ’s though, because their parking lot is the worst. The. Worst. Who knew all those crunchy granola people were such road ragers?

    But I like their naan bread. Not enough to endanger my life trying to park in their lot, though

  3. My favorite is TJ’s Chicken Tikka Masala (Indian food) in the frozen section, along with frozen Naan (plain and garlic) … It’s the closest to my favorite Indian Restaurant, Natraj in LB, that I have found. Easy, cheap and delicious…

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