My Middle Child

Jacob is my middle child.  And not just by birth order.  He is truly my middle child.

Basically, middle child syndrome is when your middle child feels unimportant and not as special as their older and younger sibling.  The oldest gets undivided attention simply because they were born when no one else was around.  The baby gets special attention because they are younger and need it, as well as the fact that the third is frequently the last and therefore, cherished as the baby of the family.  The middle child grows resentful of their situation and may act out or try to become the ultimate people pleaser in hopes of receiving some attention.

How do I know this so well, you ask?  Because I am a middle child.

And, you know, when Jacob was born I was well aware that he was going to be my middle child and I was bound and determined not to doom him into becoming “my middle child.”  But he is.

Shame on me!

Last weekend, we were up north for my Gramma’s memorial (post will be coming) and I was telling my cousin’s wife that Jacob’s first year is a blur.  I was in “survival mode.”  And understandably so.  I had a 20 month old who made it known that he needed me!  And Jacob was kind enough to hang out until a frazzled mommy made her way over to him.

Guess who else sang that tune?  My mom.

And then, last week, Jacob started preschool.  It was his very first day of school.  Last year on Caden’s first day, I cried the whole way home from his school.  My baby was growing up!  This year, I barely batted an eye.  It helped that Jacob is at Caden’s old school with Caden’s old teacher.  But even that goes to show that he’s the middle child… not even special enough to get his own teacher!   

And then there’s the fact that I’m waiting over a week to get around to posting his “special” day.

But here it is, none the less.

Here is the first shot I took of him in front of the door.  He’s a nut!


There’s a smile… sort of.


And here’s the brother picture.


Daddy walked him up to school.


He’s in the turtle class this year, which really fits his personality.  I think there must be some prophetic placement going on over there at The Grove.  Last year, Caden was a monkey (of course) and this year Jacob is a turtle (of course.)  Kinda freaky, right?


And here he is playing with blocks with Daddy before it was time to say good bye.


He had a great first day!  Mrs. Jump said he was really good and that his blue eyes melted her… me too.  He’s already got a couple of buddies that he plays with on the playground, and he even knows their names.  That’s huge in the land of preschool boys.  And he loves having something special that’s all his own.

And I’m going to start to make a more concentrated effort to not destined my boy to middle child status.  But, if I do, at least we’ll have a very special middle child bond.

And I’ll pay for his therapy.

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