Gramma’s Memorial

Back to our trip from a couple of weeks ago.

Just case you missed it, my Gramma died a couple of months ago.  We drove up north a couple of weeks ago for her memorial.  And I realize some of you are thinking, Erin, why in the world would you blog about your Gramma’s memorial?

Well, first of all, she would want me to, that’s why.  She loved my blog and read it a lot and she would leave me comments if I didn’t post enough.  She was always very passive aggressive about it but it was usually something like, I sure miss seeing pictures of the boys.  I wonder when they will return.  I check in every day just hoping to see something new.  Hilarious, right?  Silly, Gramma.

Another reason I’m choosing to post this is because this is a virtual scrapbook of my family among other things, as I have mentioned before.

And finally, because some of you think I am crazy, and I just need to show you that’s it’s mostly genetic.  I was born this way and there’s no way out of it.

For example, walking up to my Gramma’s memorial, which was on the beach of the Russian River where the cabin is, there were signs pointing to the direction of the event.  My Gramma is Mary Nelson.


Just a little crazy, no?  Not everyone makes signs like that for their mother’s memorial?  Oh.

This is what I remember the most about the Russian River… trees that touch the heavens.


And this pathway down to the river. We used to stop and my dad would show us the plants that you could pull a piece off of and chew and it tasted just like black licorice.


It was very nostalgic to be on the rocky side of the river again.  I hadn’t been there since I was a kid.  And to have my kids there was a trip.  The boys really loved trying to skip rocks in the river with their cousins.





I dare you to find a cuter baby.  I dare you.IMG_2442

Geric played the guitar and sang some songs during the memorial.  One of my cousins read a poem and I was supposed to read one too, but figures that Elijah wanted to nurse right when I was supposed to read, so Bridget stepped in for me.  Sucks to be a lactator sometimes, you know?



This is my cousin’s son WIlliam, who is personality plus!  Loved this kid!  And so did my kids.  And here he is holding up a bottle of what we can only hope is river water.  It’s river water, right Mary?  Please tell me it’s river water.IMG_2454

I decided to exclude the rest of the Nelson’s and take a picture of our clan down by the river.


More to come tomorrow…

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