Our Cabin

Between the memorial and the family reunion/BBQ which made sense because we were all in the same place at the same time (I told you we were crazy) we went up to the cabin to take some pictures and wander around.

Here’s the train my Gramps built so they didn’t have to lug all their groceries up the hill.  It’s a little run down.


And here’s all the steps that lead up to the cabin.


I missed a picture of the whole cabin from the outside (lame) but here is the front door with some pretty stained glass.


And the inside, that has a few more items than it used to.  Why did this area seem so much bigger when I was younger?


This is last family portrait that we took all together.  I’m thinking it was probably about 15 years ago.  I’m the skinny little thing (that probably thought she was fat) on the second step up, far left.


In my Gramma’s bedroom she had a little sewing corner because she loved to sew.


We even found a picture of Bridget in her rose costume that I told you about!  How cool is that?  Although I can see why she didn’t want to wear it to school.  How would she sit at her desk?


Here is the view she had every morning when she woke up!  Beautiful!!!


And in the other corner of the room she had a little dresser topped with pictures of her and my Gramps.  He was the love of her life!


Look at how cute they were!


And in case you don’t take my word for it, check out her sweatshirt!  Haha!


Out in the back I made the boys pose for a picture on the deck.  I remember the deck being built and I remember Gramps trying to teach us how to shoot tin cans with a bb gun out there.  And I remember making homemade ice cream out there.


Here’s a picture of my Gramma, my Gramps, and my sisters and I in almost the same spot as the deck was being built.


Gramma’s other big love was gardening.  Here’s some pictures of her flowers.




My favorite moment of our visit was the tree swing.  I remember when Gramps put it up and it felt like we were going so high.  And we really were!  The tree that it’s tied to is huge!  We would swing way out over all the steps.  It was exhilarating!  Here’s my boys going for a ride of their own.



And then Geric gave it a go.  He’s crazy.


And then we drove back over the bridge to my Uncle’s house.


More to come…

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