He’s been out as long as he was in.

My baby monkey is nine months old today.  

Nine months.

Nine months always feels like a big milestone, because it always makes me think that they’ve been out in the world for as long as they were in my belly.  And then my next thought is always, why does it feel like he was in my belly a lot longer than he’s been in the world?  

He’s mobile!  Hooray!  (There’s a slightly sarcastic undertone going on in the “hooray.”)  It’s always neat to watch your kids grow and develop, but mobility just makes my life a lot more difficult.  But it was bound to happen, right?  He started off worming around (or army crawling) but he’s just recently started really crawling, too.  Although he still prefers worming.  He can also pull himself up to stand, so I know cruising is just around the corner, and the next thing you know… walking!  Yay!  (More sarcastic undertones for you there.)

He’s sleeping so much better since we moved our rooms around.  He still wakes up every once in a while around 4am, but compared to how it was before, this is heaven.

In the last month he’s gotten his two top front teeth and I think he’s getting one more up there.  Unfortunately, this is really putting a damper in the whole breastfeeding situation.  I don’t remember this with Caden (and Jacob didn’t make it past six months… middle child) but my goodness those teeth are causing some pain.  (Sorry, is that TMI?)  Not to mention the yanks and the pulls when he hears the TV click on or the boys run the room.  I’m not a piece of taffy, my son. (Sorry, TMI again?)  Anywho, I’ve started introducing the bottle with formula today and I think I’m slowly going to wean myself out of the picture, which partly makes me sad since he’s my last one.  I’ll never nurse another baby again.  That’s kinda a big deal.  I need to sit with that for a sec.

Okay, enough chit chat.  Here’s the pictures.

He enjoys puzzles (as a snack) and still plays with his triangle thing-a-ma-jigger.


Here he is standing up.  His thighs are getting skinnier.  Boo.


Cutie pie in swim trunks.


Hangin’ out in the rocker.


He LOVES his big brothers and worms around to keep up with them.  He was so not interested in looking at the camera for me, because the boys were riding bikes behind me.


Get out of the way, Mom!  I can’t see my brothers!


Pure cuteness!



Here’s a few movies for the relatives, and those of you with extra time on your hands.  The first is Elijah worming around.  The next is Elijah dancing and clapping to a little Jack Johnson.  (Here’s a tip, mommies.  Put “Raffi’ into Pandora and the fun doesn’t stop!  I’m not kidding.)  And the last one is Auntie B helping him to make funny sounds.

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3 responses

    • Ha! That was in response the screaming and crying from Jacob in the beginning. I think he was mad that we were listening to a song that he didn’t know. Who says boys aren’t dramatic? 🙂

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