Family BBQ

Has anyone else noticed that it has taken five times as long to blog about our trip to Northern California than we were actually there?  We were there for less than 48 hours, but I have managed to split this trip up into, what?  Five different posts?  I’m nuts.

Anyway, after the photo shoot at the cabin, we made our way to my uncle’s house for a bar-b-que and some swimming.  I would just like to point out that the memorial had some snacks at it… you know cookies, cupcakes, bottled water.  But it was at 10am.  We all figured we were eating lunch at my uncle’s.  Right?  Would you figure that?

Nope.  He starved us until dinner time.  Not kidding.  Our stomachs could be heard growling from the neighbor’s backyard.  One of my cousins was walking around with a bowl of potato chips because the poor kid was withering away.  I repeatedly told my uncle, “We’re starving out here!”  And nothin’.  Nothin’.  ‘Til dinner.

And then he let me be first in line.  And it was delicious.  Worth the wait?  I don’t know about that.  But delicious.

Here’s some photos for your viewing pleasure.

Here’s everyone sitting around a table.  This is when we thought food would be coming at any minute.  Little did we know about the wait that we were about to endure.



The kiddos decided to swim (probably to distract themselves from the pangs of hunger.)



This is my cousin Andy, with his adorable daughter Caroline.  She could be a little model, right?  So stinkin’ cute!


And here’s some more sitting around a table.  That’s the bowl of potato chips I was talking about.  It’s empty now.



This is my uncle and I.  He’s also my godfather, and insisted that I called him that the whole day.  “Yes, Godfather…”  “What do you need, Godfather?”  “I’m sorry, Godfather.”  You know, things like that.  And yes, he’s wearing a magnet bracelet.  He’s certain that he cannot be pushed over.  I think next time I see him I’m gonna try a sneak attack to see if it really works.


Here’s another child model.  So cute, lil’ Emma Bug.


And here’s Elijah with his Auntie and cousin.


These boys were like little peas in a pod.  They were pushing each other in a wagon and playing together the whole day.  It was so nice to see them meet each other and get along so well.

boys in a chair

After we ate (it was seriously like a scene out of Survivor the way we all ravaged the table) we had a little photo shoot with all the new cousins.


Have you seen cuter kids?  Me neither!

And the OG Nelson cousins with our spouses and our offspring.  (Poor Steve is missing because he had to fly home early.)


More to come tomorrow… and then I swear I’m done with this trip.

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3 responses

  1. Hope your Uncle has a sense-of- humor (probally does being a Nelson), because if not he might be offended by this post. However I bet his magnet bracelet keeps him away from the computer, so he might not even read blogs. I mean with “Godfather” status… someone else probaly reads & does stuff for him. 🙂 Hey but I was thinking… I miss your “family night” ideas! Have you done any new fun family nights since little D has been born? -Min

    • He has a great sense of humor, so I’m not too worried about my Godfather. 🙂 We actually just started family nights up again last week. I’ll probably post it on Monday after I’m done posting this eternally long weekend getaway!

  2. I feel the need to go eat something just because I can and because listening to your virtual former hunger pangs made my tummy hurt and pang a little so. I love the way you have stretched your weekend into a week’s worth of blog fodder. It’s smart writing, missy. OK, I love you, buh-bye.

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