I Miss Donna Reed

I actually wasn’t ever alive when Donna Reed was on TV for reals, but I remember watching the show on Nick at Nite or some other channel that played reruns.

You know what I miss?  The fact that she wore a dress everyday and vacuumed in heels?  No.  The way she walked around her kitchen in a really cute apron pouring coffee for her pediatrician husband as he read the paper?  No.  Her perfectly groomed teenage children that were perfectly perfect?  No.

What I miss is the innocence of Donna Reed.

I don’t know exactly when it started, but as a society we’ve enjoyed shocking each other.

Maybe Madonna started it.  Yes, let’s blame Madonna and her pointy bras.  Madonna started it, I’m sure of it.

Regardless of how it started, our culture has spiraled out of control.

It was so in my face the other day as I was watching Dancing with the Stars, which is supposed to be a family television program… right?  It was the show where they kick someone off, so they had a group of dancers to fill the time and the dance was so, so, so, so sexy.  And I don’t think I’m a prude (well, maybe I’m a prude.  But I’d rather be a prude than a hussy.) But I was watching the show while the boys were in the other room playing video games and I thought, “Good thing the boys are in the other room, because this is so inappropriate for them.”

Seriously, was it Madonna?  

When did this all start?  How did it get so out of control?  Sex is everywhere.  Television shows, movies (even “children’s movies”… hello, did anyone see Hop with the playboy bunnies???), commercials, magazine covers at the grocery store, advertisements in store windows at the mall.

And why do we all turn a blind eye to it?  We used to be shocked.  The shock value is gone.

I get it that in the days of Donna Reed there were a lot of things that went unspoken that probably should have been spoken about… between a mother and daughter, or a father and son… but not on a national television show.  We have taken the sacredness of a covenant relationship and completely trashed it.  And that is sad.

Not only sad, but scary.

What is our world going to be like 50 years from now?  WIll it be acceptable to have sex in the park next to the playground?  I know that sounds like a stretch, but I bet Donna Reed never thought the things we watch without batting an eye would ever air on television.

I miss you, Donna.

What do you think?  How did this all start?  When did it get so out of control?  And is there any way to stop it?  Or do you think I’m just a big prude?

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7 responses

  1. They say it all started with Elvis, but Madonna definitely pushed the envelope. I have always, and will continue to, blame MTV. I know I shouldn’t give MTV any more attention than it deserves, but really, without MTV, Madonna wouldn’t have had a platform, reality TV wouldn’t have taken off, and kids wouldn’t be dressing in whory halloween costumes (ok, fine, I skipped a few steps there). MTV. All day long.

    • E- Prepare yourself for this controversial answer. Ready? Ok. The beginning of the end for “ladylike” behavior, the nuclear family, and ALL things good and pure was the women’s liberation movement. Women’s lib took women and told they were the same as men. They took a movement meant to insure equality (a good thing) and used it as a platform to indoctrinate the femininity right out of the women and young ladies. They burnt bras, grew out their armpit hairs and with the creation of birth control (don’t get me started on that modern day Eugenics campaign) and decided that they could act JUST like men. In fact, not only could they act like men, they could replace them. YET, I digress. The reason nothing seems sacred, is because nothing is sacred. Women’s lib started it, the free love and druggie generation catapulted it, and it just snowballed out of control from there. We can only do the best that we can to be different. Not that i’ll be sporting heels in my kitchen anytime soon. Personally I prefer to remain barefoot and pregnant in MY kitchen. 🙂 But we need to teach our children a new normal. Let’s set the bar SO high, that they see the world and are just as surprised as we are. If that makes us prudish, than so be it.

      • I see what you’re saying and I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that I think I agree. My only question is this: You said that with he women’s lib movement, women decided that they could act just like men. So if the women’s lib movement never happened, would men still be pushing for a sex-ified culture, and women wouldn’t?

      • I don’t think so, because they wouldn’t have willing participants. Its no fun if the only ones running around being all crazy is the men. Unless you’re gay, then I guess so.

    • I think you’re right. MTV has definitely played its own role. I mean, without them we wouldn’t have 16 and pregnant and Teen Mom… and then all these pregnant teenagers wouldn’t be getting paid the big bucks for getting knocked up and having babies while they’re still in high school.

  2. Yup. I wonder if things that aren’t sexually-related have contributed, too? Like Jackass. Raising the bar on shock value and all. Then there are the “decent” shows like the CSIs, Laws & Orders (what is the plural of Law & Order, anyway?), DWTS, etc. I think they take mid-level sexy/shocking stuff and normalize it. Then, in order to stay “edgy,” they find new mid-level sexy/shocking stuff, which was last year’s really shocking stuff.

    Mind-boggling. And I think it’s slowly making its way to the tween shows on Nick & Disney. Hm.

    • That’s what’s really sad, that it’s making it’s way into the kid shows. At least as adults we have the sense to change the channel or find something else to do, but with kids, you figure a kid show should be harmless. But they aren’t!

      That and bras and obviously-women’s-underwear-for-little-girls in the girls section at Macy’s. That bothers me too.

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