Girls Night Out: Mommy Style

When I texted my BFF that my post from yesterday was going to be featured on BlogHer, she texted me back that we should go out and celebrate.


It’s been way too long, my friend, and you have been deeply, deeply missed. Not my BFF.  We see each other all the time.  I’m talking to the GNO.

As I was driving to meet up with her I was thinking about how the GNO has changed since I have become a mommy.  Maybe you can relate.

Getting Ready:

The non-mommy gets dressed and makes sure she looks cute.  Finishing up her final touches, she looks in the mirror and thinks, “Does this make me look fat?  I kind of hope I look cuter than my friends.”

The mommy gets dressed and makes sure she looks cute.  Finishing up her final touches, she looks in the mirror and thinks, “Wow!  I forgot I could look like this.  Perhaps I should change out of the yoga pants, flat iron my hair, and put on some mascara more often.”

The Drive:

The non-mommy hops in her two door car, perhaps a coupe and zips down the road.  Radio set at it’s usual volume.

The mommy gets in her minivan, affectionately called “the swagger wagon” and zips down the road.  She contemplated taking her husband’s less mommy-like vehicle, but why?  The swagger wagon rules the road.  Radio blasting whatever the heck she wants, because she can, that’s why.


The non-mommy is frustrated.  She is going to be late meeting her friends.  Annoying.  Weaving in and out of traffic.

The mommy could sit in traffic all night.  As long as she doesn’t hear whining, refill a sippy cup or wipe a butt, the mommy could sit in bumper to bumper and not bat an eye.  She has escaped, and it’s ecstasy.

The Restaurant:

The non-mommy chooses a restaurant with a bar because it’s hip and it’s happening and there may be some cute single guys to mingle with.

The mommy chooses a restaurant with a bar because it’s hip and it’s happening and kids aren’t allowed in there.

The Conversation:

The non-mommy talks about relationships, laughs, makes jokes, what have you.  She has a generally good time.

The mommy is feeling pure glee.  She is beside herself with giddiness.  And she hasn’t even ordered a drink yet.

The Curfew:

The non-mommy stays out ’til the bar closes down.  Free as a bird!   Not a care in the world!  She can call in sick in the morning if she has to.

This is tricky for the mommy.  She definitely stays past her children’s bedtimes.  She would rather walk laps around the mall or sit on the bench in direct sunlight than get home before her kids are in bed, asleep.  But, she can’t be too late… because the little buggers are going to be peeling her eyelids back at the usual 6:30am wake up call.  There’s no such thing as calling in sick.

All in all, such a good time.  GNO, you have been missed.  We should definitely get together more often.

So what do you think?  Has your GNO changed since you’ve become a mommy?  

Sunday Funnies

Before we get started, the correct answer to yesterday’s little game was… drum roll, please, number one!  I really do have a crush on Matt Lauer and Jon Bon Jovi, but not Jimmy Fallon.  He’s a little strange.  And yes, number two is actually true.  Crazy, I know.  But in high school I made the fatal error of letting one slip once in math class, and since then my body has taken a vow of silence.  Seriously.  And number three, well, that was just a real good time.  Memories…

On to today!

When I was younger, I loved reading the comics out of the newspaper before school. Well, that and Dear Abby.

Nerd Alert!

The best comics were the Sunday Funnies because they were longer and in color and the writers always saved their best stuff for Sundays, it seemed.  So, today, instead of writing a typical post for you all, I thought I would share some of the funnies I’ve read this week, thus creating a Sunday Funnies page for you.

You’re welcome.

Stuff Christians Like always makes me laugh.  (Well, except on serious Tuesdays.) But this post about Words with Friends really, really cracked me up!  And so did this one about Just Sayin’.

The Best Obnoxious Responses to Misspellings on Facebook had me crying-laughing and snorting with hilarity!  So, so, so ,so funny!  Granted, it was close to midnight when I read it, and we all know things are funnier around midnight, but it’ll still make you laugh.  Promise.  But there are some naughty words, in case you’re offended by things like that.

Finally, I’m not ashamed to admit, I watched every episode of The Bachelorette, including The Men Tell All special and the After The Final Rose special.  And I’m not gonna act like it’s because there was nothing better on TV on Monday nights because we all know that technology has come farther than that and we are no longer confined to Monday night scheduling on Monday nights.  I watched because I enjoy reality TV and mindless entertainment.  Okay?  Don’t judge.  Anyway, Kristen write a hilarious recap of the season finale over at MamaPop and I almost died laughing.

Happy Sunday!


Three Things Thursday

I’m a list girl.  Always have been.  Always will be.

I like a chore list.  I like the focus it gives me during the day and I love, love, love being able to cross things off my list as the day goes on.

I live by a grocery list.  I don’t understand how people can go to the grocery store without one.  Unless you have a list in your head of the 3 to 5 things you need, but then again, that’s a list.  A mental list?  Yes.  But a list, nonetheless.  Walking through the aisles arbitrarily tossing things into my cart?  So not for me.

I’m a list girl.

So, I’ve deemed Thursdays “Three Things Thursday.”  It’ll be different each week, but it’ll be a list of some sort.

So, away we go…

Three Things That Will Make Your Day Less Than Stellar:

1.  Weight Watchers Recipes for Dinner.  I’ve tried getting back on the Weight Watchers train.  I have a little cushion in the middle (thanks to my lovely offspring) that I’d like to get rid of and WW has worked for me in the past.  I say in the past, because it’s just not working right now.  I have no time to sit down and log my food every time that I eat.  I barely have time to eat a hot meal, much less enter each individual item from that recipe into the computer.  So, this week I’ve been trying the recipes they have on their website for our dinners.  And they’ve all been a bust!  Last night I tried making some sort of butternut squash pasta casserole with ricotta cheese and I knew as I was making it that I was going to hate it.  I hate when that happens.  Geric choked it down and made the boys choke down their individual portions but I sat that one out.  Literally.  I sat away from the table and held Elijah.  I opted for frozen yogurt for dinner.  Maybe that’s how WW works.  You make such disgusting dinners that you don’t want to eat, and you end up losing weight.

2.  Super Mario Brothers.  As a kid I loved this game.  I played it all the time with my sisters.  I played it all the time with my friends.  I stayed up all night trying to conquer the game.  We loved it!  Now, I hate it.  I thought it would be a nice little game for my big boys to play quietly while I did something like fold laundry or clean floors, or catch up on the latest episode of the Bachelorette, whatever.  But this game gives me such a headache!  Now my day is filled with breaking up fights!

“It’s my turn to be Mario!”

“I hate being Luigi!”

“He stole the flower!”

“Give me back my Yoshi!”

“Wait for me, or I’m gonna die!”

“You killed me!”

“Get me out of this bubble!”

I could go on and on and on. The problem is, you don’t take turns anymore like you did in the good ol’ days.  Now everyone is on the same screen.  And in my house, it’s every man for himself.  No teamwork here.  And to make matter worse, my husband is seriously addicted to this game.  He’s GOT to pass it.  He stays up late trying to get into the next world.  And you know what?  I didn’t marry a gamer.  I married a man who never even spoke of video games.  He barely watches TV.  Not even sports.  I don’t like what I’m seeing here, people.  Don’t like it one bit!

3.  Desitin Finger.  Yes, you heard me.  Having a finger that reeks of Desitin can really ruin your day.  Elijah has had a diaper rash for a couple of days, so every diaper change consists of a Desitin application.  And, I swear, no matter how many times you wash your hands, no matter what soap you use, there is no getting rid of the smell of Desitin on your finger!  And you know you associate the smell of Desitin with the smell of poop, because, well, they kind of go hand in hand.  So, it really feels like you’re walking around with a finger that smells like poop.  And that’s not very appetizing!  As I was eating chips and salsa tonight (weight watchers recipe, I swear) I realized I was grasping the chips with my thumb and my middle finger, avoiding my Desitin finger making contact with my chip.  Because that’s just gross. And I know there’s other creams out there.  But frankly, Butt Paste doesn’t smell much better.

So, how was your day?  Got anything to add to the list?  What’s something that’s made your day less than stellar?

Our Big Day!

For those of you that don’t know, Caden and I share a birthday.  He’s the best birthday present that I have ever received! But it is a little bit of an adjustment (now that he’s aware of his birthday) to think of someone else on your special day.  So, I decided to celebrate my birthday the day before the actual day.

On Friday, I was supposed to go to Glen Ivy, but all my “friends” wussed out.  (You know I love you all, but I just had to throw in that jab!)  Anyway, my sis and her friend, Stacy, came out from the LB and we had lunch at CPK and then we went and got manicures and pedicures.  Nicci met up with us and we hung for a little while at my mom and dad’s until the REAL party!  🙂 

A bunch of friends went out to eat at PF Chang’s.  Soooooo yummy!  It was really fun just to hang out and chit chat and eat good food, without any children there to whine and make big messes!  🙂  Always gotta love that!

birthday by you.

erin_(4) by you.

erin_(2) by you.

erin_(1) by you.

banana dessert by you.

I got banana eggrolls as my birthday treat!

After dinner, we went home and got things ready for Caden’s big morning.  After a quick trip to Vons, this was the setup for his morning surprise.

DSC02197 by you.

He was pretty excited in the morning to see Kung Fu Panda and his bike with training wheels.  He also got a really cool helmet and elbow pads and knee pads.  Is all that really necessary?

We kept tradition and had cupcakes for breakfast.  Caden requested chocolate cupcakes with blue frosting and marshmallows.

DSC02211 by you.

Jacob couldn’t get it into his mouth fast enough!

DSC02214 by you.

Geric gave me my present… a gift card for us to all get Disneyland passes!  Hooray!!!!

DSC02229 by you.

So we got ready, and headed out to the Happiest Place on Earth.  Here’s the birthday peeps on the tram ride in.

DSC02234 by you.

We went on the new Toy Story ride for the first time.  It is offically my new favorite ride.  It’s so fun!  While we were in line, Geric made friends with the man in front of us.  He took our pictures with our 3D glasses on.

DSC02245 by you.

Here’s one of Jacob with his on.  Crazy kid!

DSC02239 by you.

Then, they guy that was Geric’s new friend, gave Caden $5 for his birthday!  How nice!  So we went and bought a Buzz Lightyear toy for him. 

DSC02246 by you.

We had to leave a little early, because I was meeting up with Stef, Megan and Shellie at Huntington Beach.  (I know this is the longest post in the history of posts, but oh well.)  We had lunch at Ruby’s and walked up and down Main St. and Stef and I got our make up did.  Then we took a REALLY long walk up the beach (almost all the way to Long Beach!  Megan just kept walking and walking and walking and walking!)  But Stef and I were talking and it was nice to have some special time before she left on her big move.

DSC02252 by you.

So, that was our special weekend.  Caden had a pizza part last Saturday, but that a whole ‘nother post that I’ll save for another time.  Happy birthday to me and my little monkey boy!  30 and 3!?!?!  We’re getting old!

Viva Las Vegas!

Oh, we had such a beautiful time in Las Vegas.  It was really hard to pack up and come home.  But, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.  So, I’m sitting here in Riverside writing this post.

We left on Thursday after dropping off the boys at my MIL’s house.  We stopped for lunch in the Village and then it was out on the open road for three and a half hours.


When we got to the Trump Hotel, my jaw seriously dropped.  This is the nicest hotel I have ever (and probably will ever) stay in.  We got a sweet deal on  It’s a website that I found while I was researching different prices and stuff.  So we paid a three star price for a five star hotel!  Sweet!  The hotel was set back from the strip, but in walking distance and there was no casino inside, so it was quiet and didn’t smell like smoke.  In fact, the smell in the lobby was absolutely delicious.  At first I thought it was the fresh flowers but then I asked someone and I guess they have a floral scent flowing through the air conditioner.  It was lovely.  Even if you never stay there, you should definitely go in the lobby and take a big whiff.

When we got to our room I was so excited!  My voice got all high pitched and I ran around looking at everything.  It was just so pretty.  I was highly impressed by the bathroom and I decided that if I had to, I would probably sleep on the bathroom floor, just to experience the joys of that bathroom.  There was actually a TV in the mirror and a giant jacuzzi tub and a giant standing shower.  It was so cool!!!!

DSC01906 by you.

See the TV?!?!?!


The room was incredible too.  It was huge and we seriously could have lived in there.  There was a little kitchen area with pans and a spatula and a blender and a toaster.  There was a flat screen TV and books about art and pretty vases and stuff.

DSC01909 by you.

DSC01910 by you.

I could have just stayed in the room all week and been happy as a clam… but we didn’t!

The first night there we got all dressed up (which is so much easier to do when you don’t have two toddlers vying for your attention) and we ate dinner at the top of the Stratosphere like Alisha had suggested… although it was much more pricey than her mom had told her.  (Spank Mickey’s hiney for me, Lish!!)  The view was incredible.  We got there right at sunset and the restuarant rotates so by the time we were done, we were looking at the strip all lit up.  Afterwards we went up to the observation deck to observe.

  DSC01923 by you.  

The next day we hung out at the pool pretty much all day.  It was really nice and relaxing.


And look what I started reading (all you obessessed Twilight fans!)  You’ll get my review in another post when I’m done, buut so far I’m half way through and I’m not as sucked in as I thought I would be and I actually find the characters to be a bit annoying.  Sorry.  I know I just totally bummed you out, Rachel and Stef, but I can’t lie.

DSC01946 by you.

That night we got all cute again and we ate dinner at an italian restaurant in the Monte Carlo and walked down to the Bellagio to see the water show and the Eiffel Tower of Paris.

DSC01948 by you.

Afterwards we went and saw the Cirque du Soleil show, Ka.  It was INCREDIBLE!!!  I was gasping and saying “Oh my God!” during the whole performance.  The imagination of whoever produced that show is amazing and the performers are so fantastic.  I was seriously blown away!!

The next day we hung out at the pool for an hour before we packed up (all the Trump toiletries) and headed back to the IE.  I missed my boys so I was happy to see them.  They survived without us and only made one trip to Kaiser when Caden jumped off my parents couch and landed on his head and started vomitting, but other than that I think they were fine.  🙂 

I was telling Geric today that I think that trips like that are really good for us.  You don’t realize what a stress kids are on your marriage until they are gone for a couple of days.  It was so nice to only worry about ourselves and relax and enjoy each other’s company for a little bit.  Now we just have to get back into the swing of things.  Back to the grind.

Honeymoon in Vegas

I orginally wanted to have the biggest party ever for my 30th birthday.  But after I started thinking about it more, I decided that it would be way more fun to go on a vacation… just me and Ger.  So we were planning on going on a Mexican cruise sometime in early October and leave the kiddos with the grandparents.  But, since Geric just got this awesome job, he can’t just go in there and say, “Oh, by the way, I need to take a week of vacation in a month.”  That just looks bad, don’t you think?  So, we thought we would still go on a cruise for five days in between Church on the Hill and Water of Life, but then I realized that’s the week I go back to work.  That looks bad too, don’t you think?  “Oh sorry, Boss, I can’t make it to work the first week of school because my husband and I are going on a cruise.”  So, that plan was out.

We decided instead to take a short trip to Vegas.  Since it’s going to be shorter, we can stay in a really fancy hotel, like the Trump Hotel!!  Five stars, baby!  I’m super excited, but it’s kind of like Stef had said, I would sleep on a bathroom floor if it meant a vacation without kids.  Well, maybe not a bathroom floor, but you get the picture.

I have a really cute dress to wear to dinner one night.  (Anyone have any suggestions of a good restaurant out there?) And I think we’re going to see a show, not sure which one yet.  And we’re going to SLEEP IN!!! HEAVEN!  And we’re going to lay around the pool all day and not monitor anyone wearing floaties!  Yay! 

We leave on Thursday.  Just wanted to share my exciting news!

10 by 30

So, I’m turning 30 in forty days.  I’m not too upset about it really.  It’s kind of sad to think that my twenties are going to be over, but they were fun.  I had a good time.  Time to move on.  I’m okay with it.

But, I thought I would give myself a goal.  I like goals.  It’s good to have things to strive for… and fall short of.  But maybe, just maybe, I might actually achieve this goal.  Don’t go holdin’ it over my head or anything!

I decided that I’m going to try and lose 10 pounds by my 30th birthday.  Fun, fun! 

I’m just going to throw my weight out there, just so a have starting point in black and white, and the WHOLE BLOGOSHPERE knows about it!  I stepped on the scale this morning and I am 148 pounds.  Some of you just gasped in horror, and some of you just thought “that’s skinny!”  To the “that’s skinny” group, you are my VERY best friends!  I was actually thrilled because I feel like ever since I’ve had kids, 150 pounds has been stopping point.  I just can’t seem to make it over that hurdle.  So, if I could get to 138 by my birthday (on October 4th in case you want to mark you calendar) I would be super stoked! 

I talked to Alisha, who’s a nutrition expert (not really… but she has been on every diet under the sun at one point or another) and we both thought it would be best if I kept eating how I’m eating (because it’s really not that bad) but just eat less.  So, that’s my plan.  I’m going to try and eat half of what I would normally consume at any sitting, and I’m going to walk everyday, which I’ve already been doing.  Walking is WAY better than running!  🙂 

I was thinking about this this morning when I was walking and I thought “Man, if I would get to 138, I would be satisfied.”  But would I really?  I don’t know.  I feel like I’m always thinking about my weight and what I eat and how much exercise I get.  Will there actually be a day when I’m okay with the way I look?  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I’m a hideous beast, so you don’t have to leave comments telling me how beautiful I am.  I know I’m beautiful!  J/K!!!  Totally a J/K!  But, isn’t everyone like this?  Everyone has something about them that they want to change, right?  I’m not the weird one, am I?  Maybe I am.  Hmmmmmm… what do you think?  Are you completely comfortable in your own skin, and if not, do you think you ever could be?

Funny Things Caden Says

I’m totally biting Rachel style with this post, but I don’t think she’ll mind.  Caden cracks me up sometimes!

DSC01830 by you.

When we had a broken AC we had a fan going 24/7 so Geric thought it would be fun to teach him to talk into the fan and sound like Darth Vader.  So, of course he teaches him, “Luke, I am your father.”  But now, Caden has put his own spin on it.  He goes up to Jacob and says in his best Darth Vader voice, “Jacob, I am your father.”

Geric’s sister’s name is Tiff and Caden has recently learned her name.  “Auntie Tit.”

When Caden wants to play with his two very best friends, Ezra and Gigi Bear, and we aren’t able to, I usually tell him something like, “Sorry kiddo, they live really far away and we can’t drive all the way out there today.”  The other day Caden stood at the back french doors and shouted, “Ezra!  Gigi Bear!  You far away???”  They didn’t answer.

Last weekend we were at my Mom and Dad’s and there was a piece of mail on the counter addressed to someone named Judy.  Caden was playing with it and I repeatedly told him to leave it alone, but he wasn’t listening.  So, I said, “Caden this is for someone named Judy.  Is that your name?”  Blank stare.  About 10 minutes later I was telling my mom that Caden can say his whole name.  (Up until now, he called himself Dean.  I know, weird.)  So, I said, “Caden, what’s your name?”  “Judy.”

Caden’s two favorite phrases: “Litta bit” and “two more mimits.”  As in “Mommy, I have a litta bit” pointing to my soda with one hand and showing me how much a “litta bit” is with his two fingers pinched up by his eye.  Or when it time to leave to go home, “Mommy, two more mimits.”

When I get mad at Caden he usually looks up at my with his big cheesy grin and says, “Mommy, you mad?”  That usually cracks me up, so then he says all enthusiastically, “Mommy, you happy?”  Yesterday we were sitting on the couch together and he put his hand on my thigh and said, “Mommy, you fat?”  Thanks, kid.

The Verdict Is In!!!

Geric got the job!!!  It was pretty anti-climactic, really.  We were all just sitting there and talking and the pastor kind of just threw in the conversation that they wanted to offer Geric a one year contract (a standard at the church) and then he kept talking.  I was like, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, pump the brakes!  Back it up!  What did you just say???”  (Don’t worry I didn’t really say that!)  But it was is so exciting.

I guess I can reveal the name of the mystery church, now that Geric works there.  It’s Water of Life Community Church in Fontana.  It really is such an awesome church.  We went there for a year before Geric got the job at Church on the Hill.  It’s really big so it’s easy to get lost in the crowd, which is kind of what we did.  But they are so passionate about God and HIs work and missions and it’s just so awesome.  Pastor Dan (the senior pastor) was telling Geric what a typical week would look like working there and I was getting jealous.  He gets to meet wekkly with all these cool people and pray and worship together and then it’s mandatory to go away and pray for a day alone once a quarter.  I think I’m going to make that mandatory for my job too!  🙂

This is just such a relief.  At the end, Pastor Dan said that we don’t have to give him an answer right there, that we could take some time to think about it, but I just blurted out, “We don’t need to think about it!  We accept!”  I told him that it’s really great because Geric and I have always disagreed on churches.  He’ll love it and I’ll hate it or I’ll love it and he’ll hate it, but this is the one place where we both love it.  I told him that the last two years have felt like we were that one weird peice of the puzzle that doesn’t quite fit and you keep trying to shove it in to place, even though it just doesn’t fit, but I feel like Water of Life is the place that we really fit.  I know it’s not a perfect church (there’s no such thing) but I honestly feel like we have been shoved into a shoebox for the last couple of years!  I feel like we can stretch and breath again.  Oh, this is so great.  So, so great.  Thank you all for all your prayers.