SURF in the snow

SURF is the name of the jr high youth group at Water of Life.  It stands for Students Unleashing Radical Faith.  Rad, right?  Anyway, we went up to Thousand Pines last weekend for an awesome, but extremely tiring winter camp.  Here’s some pictures.

The girls on the van ride up.
When we got there it was FREEZING!!!! But there was no snow. The cafeteria lady said that we probably wouldn’t get any snow while we were there, maybe just sleet. But she was wrong! This is what we woke up to!
At lunch it was pouring down so we all went outside to stand in it. (Rachel, I know you’re laughing right now, but remember what it was like when you saw your first snowfall…)
Back in the cabin…
How I slept at night
This kid, Merritt, was seriously this crazy little energizer bunny. He’s that one kid that’s in every jr. high youth group that is so funny to sit back and watch. He won a prize for being the only one to show up for the soccer tournament and was so stoked about it! He was bouncing off the walls most of the time, but on Saturday night he hit a wall, and fell asleep during chapel. It cracked me up!
The whole group
So, winter camp was a good time. The speaker was great and the worship band was awesome. I really enjoyed hanging out with the girls without my own kiddos, because I really feel like I know them now. But, going to camp was way different than it used to be. I’m still tired! 🙂