Reasons to Stop Blogging… even though I never really will

Where in the world have I been?

It’s been way too long since a blog post, I realize.  And I was contemplating just giving it up altogether.

My reasons?

Well, for some reason, this blog puts pressure on me.  I can’t explain it.  But when I write something I’m putting myself “out there” and if no one comments, then I think I suck.  Or if it’s really good and I get a lot of comments, I feel like “how am I going to top that?”

And then there’s the whole idea of strangers reading my blog.  And honestly, complete strangers don’t bother me.  The mommies from other states or whatever.  That’s fine.  It’s the people who I kinda know that might find me through facebook or mutual friends and then they’re reading my blog and watching me live my life and not leaving comments, so I don’t really know they are there, but they are.  Like a stalker.  That I kinda know.  Okay I’m talking about ex-boyfriends.  It freaks me out that ex-boyfriends might be reading my blog!  We cut ties, people!  I don’t want contact.  Especially if they aren’t owning up to their stalking ways.  I don’t even know if they really are stalking me, but just the thought that they might be, freaks me out!  I mean, honestly, I’m totally stalkable material, right?  Right?

I sound crazy, right? But that’s not news.  Really.  Ya’ll knew I was crazy.

Then there’s the thought that strangers (not ex-boyfriends or mommies from other states, but weirdos) are really reading about my kids.  It’s just kinda weird.  And Oprah has gotten me all paranoid that there’s a child molester around every corner.  Which according to the Megan’s Law website, there kinda IS!  What if there’s someone reading my blog that IS a child molester and they’re printing out pictures of my kids like that one guy on Desperate Housewives who had that kid shrine in his basement.  *shiver me timbers*  Or the guy from Silence of the Lambs.  What if there’s a freak like the guy from Silence of the Lambs reading my blog?!?!  Then what?  Huh?  Then what?

I’m not the type of mommy blogger that is all discreet and only shows pictures of the back of my kids heads or makes up names for my kids like “Peter Pan” and “Simba,” because frankly there just aren’t enough cute male Disney characters, unless I start naming them after mice and ducks.  But if you sit and think about this stuff for too long, it’s just a wee bit freaky, right?

The world is a scary, scary place.

Alright, maybe not that scary, but still…

And finally, my kids are getting older.  I mean, my oldest is in kindergarten, but I have thought about how he’s going to feel one day if he reads my blog.  Is he going to be embarrassed about some of the stuff I’ve shared?  Or will he think it’s funny, as we all think it is, right?  Will he feel like we’re laughing with him, or at him?   It’s one thing to talk about my almost-5-year-old who still defiantly wets his pants on facebook to my 337 close and personal friends (haha) but putting it out in the blogosphere… kinda embarrassing… but maybe that’ll teach him to stop peeing in his pants, for heaven’s sake!

So, anywho, that’s what I’ve been thinking about and that’s why I’ve been gone for so long.

But it’s nice that some of you have facebooked me and said you’ve missed me, and the others that have “liked” that comment… that’s nice.  Those little blue “thumbs up” really make me feel special.

So, I’ll be back.  Me, Peter Pan, Simba, Nemo, and Sulley have a lot of updates to tell you all about.

I think I’ll adopt the name Mrs. Incredible for myself… for obvious reasons.



So, I officially have two weeks of homeschooling under my belt (not full time homeschooling, just two days a week.  So, that would be a whole four days of homeschooling.  Which deserves some sort of an award.  Which is why I’m telling you all this.  Someone give me some praise, would ya???)

I’ve learned a few things in the last couple of weeks about homeschooling and I thought I’d share.

First, it’s not as bad as one might think it to be.  When I say “one” I’m speaking of myself.  I know, you’re thinking, Erin, aren’t you a credentialed teacher that taught full time in a classroom of thirty students?  Yes, yes I am.  Then why are you so scared of homeschooling your one measly child?  First, of all, he’s not measly.  Geez, that was rude.  Secondly, because teaching your own kid is way different than teaching other people’s kids.

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret here… teachers rely on you parents.  They aren’t kidding at Back to School Night when they say that they are on a team with you.  We, as teachers, know that we will only have your kid on our class for one (maybe two) years, and we rely on you to fill in the gaps that may be missing or tie up the loose ends, if you will.  And if you don’t, well, it’s your kid.  We can only do so much, and if you don’t care, then we can’t really pass over that wall.

But with homeschooling, it’s all on me.  And that freaked me out.  If my kid grows up to be dumb, I can’t blame the public schools or government instated standards… I only have myself to blame.

But in the last couple of weeks, I’ve realized it’s not really that much pressure.  I think I’m blessed with a kid that really likes learning, so, so far, we haven’t had to fight many battles in order to sit down and get to business.  Also, the joy of homeschooling is that we can take breaks when things feel too stressful for him (or me) and I can always change my approach to teaching a new concept, because I can.  I love that!  Plus, I can see first hand what his strengths and his weaknesses are, and cater my lessons to those.  Love that, too.

The second thing I’ve learned in the last couple of weeks is that homeschooling can be anything, anywhere.  We went to the zoo on Tuesday for Caden’s birthday which is supposed to be a homeschooling day, and it still was!  Go ahead and try to tell me that trekking around the San Diego Zoo doesn’t count as PE.  I dare you.  And of course it was science.  We even came home and made a big elephant poster with all the pictures we took and the facts we learned during our bus tour, and he brought it to school to share with his class today.  Tell me that’s not awesome!

The last thing I’ve learned about homeschooling is that this here blog may suffer in the process.  Homeschooling is fun and I love it and I really think it’s the best option for Caden, but it requires some organization and thinking ahead and planning (even though his teacher sends me her lesson plans.) And on top of that I still have my regular mom duties (just like the rest of you.)  So, writing is taking a back seat.

Motherhood = Sacrifice

It’s a lesson I keep on learning.

So, I’m not getting rid of this here blog by any means, but just know that the updates may not be as frequent, then again they may be.  I’m just taking the bloggy pressure off of myself for right now.

Here’s a question for my fellow homeschooling mommies: What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from homeschooling your kids?

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I made it!

Remember at the beginning of the month I told you all that I was taking part in a little thing called NaBloPoMo, short for National Blog Posting Month, where you’re supposed to post everyday, no matter what, even if your cat dies, you still have to write a post… that day it would probably be about your cat dying and how sad you are, or in my case how happy I would be because as I’ve grown older I’ve become so-not-an-animal-person.

Anywho… I made it!  It’s the last day of August and I’m proud to say that I have posted everyday this month!  Thanks for sticking by me and being the faithful readers that you are and leaving all your encouraging comments because that keeps me going.  That and the need to share the inner workings of my crazy mind with the world.

Instead of writing a whole new post, I thought I would share my favorites from my month of posting, just in case you missed one. I can’t imagine that you did, my faithful reader, but just in case, here they are.

When I got one of my posts featured on Blogher, I went out to Yardhouse and celebrated with my bestie. We started talking about how the “Girls Night Out” has changed drastically since becoming mothers, which led to this post.  By the way, this post gets the most hits out of any posts I’ve written, which leads to me to believe that some of my readers are either throwing a lot of bachelorette parties, or they are perverts.  I’m hoping it’s the former, and not the latter.  Because pervs are not welcome here.  I repeat, pervs are not welcome here.  

I usually make myself laugh as I write a funny post, but after I proofread it a few times it’s not as funny.  However, this post I wrote about one of the worst days I’ve had all summer still brings me to tears.  Those ladies!  The blonde in the middle!  Oh my heavens, they were a giggle waiting in my mailbox.

I’ve really enjoyed writing my little series, Keeping the Faith Fridays.  I (hopefully) will keep that up.  It stretches me to think about what God is really showing me and write it in a way that challenges myself, and hopefully you too.  My favorite KFF this month was this one, That’s Not Fair, God.

And, finally, another gut buster that got me another feature on Blogher, I’m a liar.  I was bummed that not many of you fessed up!  I know you’ve told some doozies, too!  Right?  No?  Just me?  Oh…

And just for kicks, I picked a favorite comment from all those that you all left.  It had to be this one from April that cracked me up after reading Deep Breath In.  And because you are my favorite April, you win a prize!  It’s a virtual hug across the internet!  Are you feeling it?  Squeezing you tight right now!  Letting go… all done.  High five.  Nice job.

So, I’ve decided I’m taking tomorrow off, just cuz.  But I’ll be back on Thursday.  I’ve got a lot to catch up on; Jacob’s first day of preschool and why bring a middle child with “middle child syndrome” is unavoidable even when your mother is a middle child, a seven hour road trip with three kids and a broken DVD player, and how I realized that “crazy” must be genetic.


Sunday Shout Outs

I got a lot to say this Sunday.

First of all, why aren’t you at church?  Oh, really.  You think that’s an excuse?  Well, it’s not.  But since you’re still in your jammies, here’s some church online for ya.  It’s a sermon from Josh Beckley, who was a guest speaker at my church last weekend.  (Or as my sister would say, “It’s not your church, it’s God’s church.”)  He talked about when doing God’s will causes problems, cuz it ain’t all fun and games, people.  He was amazing!  So, go watch and then come back.  (Or listen, or download the podcast, or whatever suits your fancy.)

If that was too long for you to hang in there and watch, you can still get some of the Word to fill you up today.  My friend Stef did the doodles for this video.  It’ll take you through all of Exodus in three minutes.  It’s really cool.  (Although if you choose to watch that in place of the sermon I just gave you a link to, I won’t be surprised if you get struck down by a lightening bolt today.  Maybe you should watch it in addition to the sermon.  Just sayin’.)

I have made an online friend.  Her name is April and I really like her.  We found each other on the NaBloPoMo site (which is almost over, and thank you God for that because this posting everyday business is killing me… but I will not fail!  Will not.)  Anywho, if we lived closer I’m sure April and I would be real-life friends.  She wrote a really raw post about being a writer and the fears and frustrations that come with it.  Coincidentally, I saw this video posted at San Diego Momma right after I read April’s post and I thought, well, they just go hand in hand, don’t they?  So, there they are in the same paragraph for you.

It’s no secret that I’m the mother of three boys.  Just boys.  No girls.  Hence the tagline of my blog, the lone estrogen in a jungle of testosterone.  People ask me all the time if we’re going to try again for a girl.  No, we are not.  Why?  Because we’ll get another boy, that’s why.  But if we did have a girl I would totally make this super cute skirt for her out of a t-shirt.  I found this post over at Clay in His Hands.  Maybe I’ll make one for each of my little nieces, in my spare time, so they’ll probably get them when they’re 16… they’re one and half now.  Anyway, if you’re the mother of a girl, thank your lucky stars, and then go make her this cute skirt!

Finally, this one is for all my fellow bloggers out there that want to make something more out of their blog.  (I’m talking about money.  I know it’s noble to say that you want to make a really great piece of writing too.  Me too.  But if I could make a few bucks doing it, I’ll take it.)  My friend Kim at The Geeky Saver gave me this link to a post by Money Saving Mom.  She does a whole series on how to make money blogging.  It’s written in a language that I can actually understand.  There are other series out there that are written by computer techy nerdy guys that leave me scratching my head and going, “Huh?”  But this one is good and very practical.  Go read it if you’re interested.

Okay, that’s all for now!  Last day of summer for us over here!  Check in tomorrow to see if I survive my baby growing up and going to kindergarten.  (I’m not crying, I just have something in my eye.)

Happy Sunday!


Does this blog make me look fat?

This morning there was another post on my blog about an incident that occurred last week.  At the advisement of my lawyer (or an old high school friend from Colorado that is not at all involved in the legal field) I have removed it from my blog.

It was a good one too.  I guess the early bird gets the worm.  And the rest of you get this.

So, all of this had me thinking.  What is too much to disclose on a blog?

Blogging is different than writing a book or writing for a magazine or advertisement agency, because inspiration comes from your own life and posts are generally not fiction.  The boring things that happen in life make for a really boring blog.  And those blogs are definitely out there.  Believe me.  I’ve read them. *Shudder*

But the best posts and the best blogs are usually the ones that make you think, “Should I really post this?” right before you click “publish.”  It’s an inner struggle between being real and relating to your readers and revealing too much and inviting an onslaught of judgement.  Going along with the title of this post, every post is like a new outfit.  Some of them fit really well, and some of them leave you wondering if they make you look fat.

The good thing about actually clicking “publish” is that more often than not, you realize that you’re not alone.  You realize that there is actually a whole group of people out in the world that is feeling exactly how you feel or going through exactly what you’re going through.  And they generally leave nice comments thanking you for making them realize they aren’t crazy.  (Even though I never said that.  They could very well be crazy.)

Yes, you invite judgement into you life, but honestly, judgey people are everywhere, right?  And they usually aren’t quiet in real life, so why would they silence themselves in the blogosphere?  And you do invite people to take a glimpse into your life as they would never have seen before,  and some people don’t like what they see (or hear.)  But that’s okay.  I’m sure Snooki’s mom was pretty shocked when she watched the first season of Jersey Shore… or not.

This is my life and no one is forced to read my blog… well, unless their being held hostage somewhere with their hands duct taped behind their backs and toothpicks holding their eyes open and a laptop on their lap opened to my blog.  Then I guess they would have to read it.  But the rest of you are reading out of your own free will.

So, I guess that brings me back to my original question… what’s too much?  Revealing your kids true identities?  Discussing your marriage and maybe the problems that come with it?  Writing about personal tragedy?  Financial woes?  Imminent foreclosures?

I don’t know.  I guess every blogger has to decide for herself.  For me, I’ll just do the best I can… and hopefully not get into any legal trouble along the way!


Sunday Funnies

Before we get started, the correct answer to yesterday’s little game was… drum roll, please, number one!  I really do have a crush on Matt Lauer and Jon Bon Jovi, but not Jimmy Fallon.  He’s a little strange.  And yes, number two is actually true.  Crazy, I know.  But in high school I made the fatal error of letting one slip once in math class, and since then my body has taken a vow of silence.  Seriously.  And number three, well, that was just a real good time.  Memories…

On to today!

When I was younger, I loved reading the comics out of the newspaper before school. Well, that and Dear Abby.

Nerd Alert!

The best comics were the Sunday Funnies because they were longer and in color and the writers always saved their best stuff for Sundays, it seemed.  So, today, instead of writing a typical post for you all, I thought I would share some of the funnies I’ve read this week, thus creating a Sunday Funnies page for you.

You’re welcome.

Stuff Christians Like always makes me laugh.  (Well, except on serious Tuesdays.) But this post about Words with Friends really, really cracked me up!  And so did this one about Just Sayin’.

The Best Obnoxious Responses to Misspellings on Facebook had me crying-laughing and snorting with hilarity!  So, so, so ,so funny!  Granted, it was close to midnight when I read it, and we all know things are funnier around midnight, but it’ll still make you laugh.  Promise.  But there are some naughty words, in case you’re offended by things like that.

Finally, I’m not ashamed to admit, I watched every episode of The Bachelorette, including The Men Tell All special and the After The Final Rose special.  And I’m not gonna act like it’s because there was nothing better on TV on Monday nights because we all know that technology has come farther than that and we are no longer confined to Monday night scheduling on Monday nights.  I watched because I enjoy reality TV and mindless entertainment.  Okay?  Don’t judge.  Anyway, Kristen write a hilarious recap of the season finale over at MamaPop and I almost died laughing.

Happy Sunday!



This month I have decided to challenge myself.

Number one, you all motivated me to get serious about eating right and exercising.  I told you I am easily guilted.  So, I’m back on the weight watchers train, for reals, and… really good news… I’m exercising!  I have found something that I really, really enjoy.  What is it, you ask?  Pilates!  Even better…. I do it in my own home!  I found a website called Pilates Anytime and you start off with a 15 day free trial, but after that it’s only $18 a month to have unlimited access to a bunch of online pilates classes.  They are recorded in a couple of different gyms in the LA area and then put online so they don’t get old and redundant like a normal workout video would.  It feels like you’re really there, but you don’t have to get in your car and get there, which is honestly, usually the most challenging part.  So, yay me!

Sidenote:  There’s a yoga version too.  That’s how I found Pilates Anytime.  My sister does Yoga Glo.  So, if you like yoga, check it out.  (I wish they were paying me to advertise for them.  Oh well.  Someday… ) 

Secondly, I have taken a challenge on a website called BlogHer, which is basically the biggest collection of women bloggers ever!  (I’m not actually sure about that, but there’s definitely a lot of blogs written by women over there.)  All my favorite bloggers are a part of BlogHer and they are having their annual conference this weekend in San Diego, which would have been so awesome to go to. I could have met Kristen and Sophie and Ree, and stood there like a total idiot saying something like, “I really like your writing,” or “You’re awfully funny,” or “I carried a watermelon.”  Dirty Dancing, anyone?  But since it costs over $300 to attend, I did not do that.  Maybe next year.

Back to the challenge… NaBloPoMo.  It stands for National Blog Posting Month.  They actually do it every month and they give you a theme to write about and all you have to do it write a post everyday.  It can or cannot be related to the theme and may or may not be based on a given prompt.  The only rule is you have to post everyday for the entire month.

I don’t usually post on the weekends, but I am, because I will not fail!  Oh no, I will not fail!

The theme this month is fiction, which… yawn.  I’m bored.  “Fiction” just doesn’t inspire me so much.  I could write about my favorite book, or my favorite author, but, like I said…. BOOOOORING.  Sorry book lovers.  Maybe if I start to get desperate at the end of the month, I’ll pretend like I actually have one favorite book and write about it.

Instead… I’m going play a little game.  Here’s the rules: I’m going to give you three sentences about myself.  You have to decide which one is fiction, the other two will be fact.  Leave your guesses in the comment section.  (Oh, I’m excited!  I love a good game!)

Here we go:

1.  I have secret crushes on Matt Lauer, Jon Bon Jovi, and Jimmy Fallon.  Don’t judge me.  And Geric knows.  It’s innocent.  Like if Tiger Beat was still around, I’d probably cut out their pictures and tape them to the inside of my closet.  That’s all.  No biggee.

2.  I have never once passed gas in front of my husband.   I am lady, after all.  And I’m actually blushing just writing about this topic… moving on.  (And childbirth does not count.)

3.  The first time I drank alcohol I was underage and using a fake ID to go clubbing with my friends in another state.  We ended the evening by hanging a Pee Wee Herman doll from the ceiling of my friend’s apartment.  Too much to drink?  Perhaps.

Okay, take your best guess!  There may or may not be a prize for the winner!  (I’m just not ready to commit.)  Good luck!