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  1. Hi Erin,

    We have had all three of our boys in the same room since Lucas was a few months old. Their room is very tiny since we live in a 2 BR apartment. I think putting them together actually helped Lucas to get into the same sleeping routine with the boys much earlier. They are all up and down throughout the night (potty trips, bad dreams, etc) and don’t really bother each other at all. I know this doesn’t help with the interior design question, but just wanted you to know stuffing those guys all together has actually been good for us. When we get a bigger place, I don’t think they will even want to be apart (ha ha ha). Good luck!

  2. I echo the last two comments. Just pile them all together. You are not sleeping through the night anyway, so who cares if it is hard for a week or so? Next I would work on aligning bedtimes and just get them all on a similar sleep pattern. See how easy I make it sound? Also Bribe your ‘big’ kids to be silent when leaving the room in the morning. Oh, not bribe, I meant reward! Reward!

  3. I *was* going to post that I think your rearranging plan sounded good, but then I read the other posts about trying all the boys in the same room. So I’ll refine my original reply:
    Try all of the littles in the same room for a week or two. If it works, BONUS! If not, go with the rearranging plan. You can still use your old closet or get an armoir-type thing.

    P.S. I’m SUPER impressed at how tidy your house looks!

  4. So, I guess I should have written this post yesterday because… TOO LATE! 🙂 Furniture has been rearranged and Geric and I have our very own room with it’s very own countertop made for mixing martinis! Yay! For the record, I did try putting the pack n play in the boys’ room for a few nights and it was awful. Lots of waking (on everyone’s part) and I couldn’t let Elijah cry it out, so I ended up bringing him back in our room. I’ll update our new look on Saturday… since I know you’re all dying to see what it looks like! 😉

    P.S. April, it’s ALWAYS that tidy, too. Not just when I take pictures of it to put on my blog. Always. 😉

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